About Us.

“Get Hold Of Smartness Embedded Products.”

The retail journey that began from California in 1999 as Rasmos Computer Services has graciously passed by Rasmonet Computer Limited in Lagos, Nigeria, and now finally to Globe Rasmonet, Inc. Incarnating the passion and love for gadgets, we have accumulated electronic gadgets with voguish accessories that defy ordinary luxuries from your life.

What originally started as a passion for all gadgets quickly turned into a desire to explore, research, and supply some of the premium product collections available with utter ease to deal with customer service. We take up this opportune moment to announce our inventory primely categorized into gaming laptops, smartphones, women's hair, and beauty accessories, men's sports shoes, and trendsetting new arrivals.

“Unbeatable Quality At Affordable Prices Contribute To Our Global Success.”

As the profound lovers of quality, we ensure to supply elite items straight to your doors. Available at paltry and reasonable prices, you can snap up your heart without compromising on quality services. Be it your comfort in product or convenience in shopping, our heedful consciousness whirls around your wonders of luxuriant essentials. 

Divulging the secret ingredient of luxury with essentials, Globe Rasmonet, Inc. is open to delivering its fast and reliable services throughout the globe, thus imprinting our worldwide recognition. We proudly extol the virtues of our storehouse having relatively more than 20 years of professional experience in retaining business. Feel safe while trusting us as we build comfort in luxury.

Instigated by a heck of a lot of interest in gaming products: tablets, laptops, and desktops, we have come a long way in retail with grooming and fashion products. And this wondrous journey would not have been possible without your inextricable love and support. Anticipating your eternal affection and curiosity in gaming gadgets and vogue, we invite you to stay in trends with Globe Rasmonet, Inc.

Wishing you a joyful shopping,

Globe Rasmonet, Inc.